How to achieve your goal - proven methods for unlimited motivation!

If you have ever felt an urge to do something and the feeling was literally unstoppable - it means you were really motivated. There were no unwanted thoughts and doubts - you just wanted to do it and that was pretty much it. You were focused on action and you were aware that every step, however small, is necessary to reach your goal. And this is the best way to accomplish an amazing success in any field.


How to stay motivated?

The main problem with motivation is that it's really hard to it's hard to motivate yourself and then keep it that way. How many times have you started an activity and promised yourself, that this time it will be different and you will achieve your goal? Unfortunately, since you are here, we can assume, that the plan failed.

Keeping motivation can help you advance your professional career as well as achieve your private goals. Below, we tried to collect all the information and techniques that you might find valuable while trying to stay motivated.

Set a goal

What would you like to achieve? Setting up goals makes you more motivated. While they can't be completely unrealistic, letting your imagination run wild the slightest bit might make you even more motivated and thus, more effective.

In order to set some goals for yourself and actually work to achieve them, writing them down might be a good idea. There are a few techniques, that should make it easier. First of those is simply writing down the goal - if you want to lose some weight, you can just write that down. Another approach is to treat those goals more comprehensively. Draw four circles on a piece of paper. In the first one, write down your goals for your entire lifetime: how would you like your life to look in a few decades? In the second one do the same, but thinking only about the upcoming year. Third circle should focus on the next month of your life, while the last - is only about the next day. Whenever you look at those circles, keep in mind that achieving the goals from the last one (symbolizing your whole life) is impossible without working on the last one, showing goals for the next day. At the same time, tomorrow's actions bring you one step closer to meeting your goals for years and decades to come.


Connect the goal to the highest value of your life

We want you to think really carefully about the answer to this question: what do you value the most in your life? Health, having fun, family, your job or love? No matter what you have chosen, try to connect your goal to this value. You can do it by asking yourself about profits, that will come. For example - why is loosing weight so important for your family? First of all, you will be healthy for your beloved ones. What is more, you will have more strength and energy to play with your kids and you will feel more confident, which is also really important. Connecting your goal to the highest goal gives it more meaning in your eyes and thus - makes you even more motivated.

Think of the benefits, that it will bring

When you want to start working on a goal, at first you might find it hard to imagine the reasons why you should work on it. That's why you should take a piece of paper and a pen and write down every reason that comes to your mind - the more, the better. The satisfaction of a loved one, the possibility of wearing a smaller size, financial gratification, better well-being - write down everything that comes to your mind and don't worry if it seems infantile or even pointless to you. Try to focus on the fact that just yesterday you couldn't find a simple reason to start working on your goal and now you have so many! Isn't it way easier to stay motivated?

Visualise your goal and the effects of it

Whatever goal you want to achieve, spend some time visualising it, as well as the effect of it. Trust us: you will find it way easier to work on the goal once you will have the result in the eyes of the imagination. Try to imagine not only the effect itself, but also your feelings. Will you be proud of yourself? Do you think achieving the goal will change your life somehow? Try to be as specific as you can, while thinking about the aftermath of your hard work. Thanks to the visual effect, you will feel way more motivated.

This activity should be performed repeatedly. Try to spend at least a couple of minutes everyday to stay motivated for the whole time needed to achieve your goal. It's really important to maintain regularity - the level of motivation decreases when we do not feel that pursuing a goal will bring satisfaction, improve life situation, and maybe even give financial gratification.


Use the five minutes rule

We can bet you can remember at least a few (well, probably even more) situations, when you were delaying unwanted activity for so long, you actually didn't do it at all. There is a simple solution to that: use the five minutes rule. If you are about to perform an activity, that is crucial for your goal, and at the same time you don't want to do it - just tell yourself, that it will be five minutes of your time, not even a second more. We can assure you, that after you start, you will probably spend even more time than you planned on this activity. Why does it work this way? Because it's not the the activity itself is a problem, but taking the first step that is, starting it despite feeling an internal reluctance.

Listen to motivating music

Have you ever experienced an actual influence of the music on your mood? For example, listening to a certain song, you felt a huge amount of strength and motivation within yourself? This phenomenon is called emotional conditioning, or an anchor. It is possible to point to certain stimuli (including sound ones) that trigger specific emotional states in people.

It can be used in order to get stron motivation. Think, which song moved you so deeply and use it to achieve your goals. How? It's simple: when you want to start working on your target, just turn the music on and your brain will do the rest of the work. You will feel powerful and motivated and thanks to that, you will work on your goal really effectively.

listen to  music

Stay positive

Remember, that if you want to achieve your goal, you have to stay positive. Throw out the 'I can't do that', 'it's too hard', 'I am too weak to do it' and all the negative phrases out of your spellbook! Instead, motivate yourself, while staying real. What does it mean? Don't tell yourself, that it's simple if it's not - just keep repeating, that you can do it and since it's so hard to achieve, you will feel even more satisfaction after the task is done.

Staying motivated will help you achieve your goals, but don't forget, that you have to truly want it. If ou feel, that the target is somehow forced on you (by the people you surround yourself with or even your own unrealistic expectations) - you won't achieve it. Every part of your life: career, personal matters, self-development: changes must come out of your own will, only this way you will be able to do whatever you want to.

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2021-10-05   Mati
It is true that in highly developed countries like the USA or in Western European countries you can achieve more ! There it is all about you !!!