An Interview During COVID-19

How to make a great impression at an online interview.

It is a hot topic these days because at the time of COVID-19 epidemics more and more companies decide on this form of contact with a candidate. What to do to make a good impression during an online job interview? Below you’ll find a few guidelines.

  1. Technical matters.

    If the interview is to be conducted via an Internet communicator you haven’t used yet, it is worth to get to know how to operate that software beforehand. This will allow you to avoid stressful situations where you don’t know what to do. A good way is to make a test call with a friend.

  2. Choose a convenient location for the interview.

    The ideal place to hold such an interview is an office. However, most people don’t have any such room at their home. In this case, you should choose a location where no one will bother you and where you can feel at ease.

  3. Surroundings.

    Noisy family members? That surely won’t have a positive impact on how you’re perceived by the recruiter. Ask your family members to be quiet during your online interview and not to enter the room where you’ll have the interview.

  4. Connection Issues.

    If you don’t hear the recruiter well or your communicator disconnects tell this to your interlocutor to avoid a situation where you’ll be guessing what questions the recruiter asked you.

  5. Keep important documents and notes at your side.

    Print your resume, cover leer and questions you want to ask the recruiter.

What should you ask the employer during the interview?

Do you have any questions? This phrase is often heard at a job interview. It’s a good moment to verify whether your expectations regarding the job will be satisfied. Never say that you have no questions to ask. Moreover, by asking questions you show your commitment and actual willingness to work for the company.


We present 4 exemplary questions you may ask at a job interview:

  1. What are the career opportunities at a given position?

    By asking about career development we show to the potential employer that we are ambitious and motivated to learn. Also, we show that we want to stay with the company for a longer time. We can also learn whether the career path the company offers us will be satisfying.

  2. How does the team structure look like?
    It is worth to learn if we’d have to fulfil most tasks as a team or alone. Questions about a team are justified, since we’ll spend a lot of time with it.

  3. Does the company organize training courses for employees?
    Training courses help us acquire new skills and expand our knowledge. If it is important to us to improve the quality of our work, we may ask the employer how he offers his employees the possibility to grow. This question proves we want to grow.

  4. Is it possible to perform work remotely to some extent?
    Some companies allow their employees to perform some tasks remotely. This is a great convenience for parents or people who want to combine work with studying. This question may also concern flexible schedule or non-standard working hours.

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2021-06-14   Hannah
The employer may ask you about your strengths, assets, skills. Present them in relation to the position you are applying for, keeping in mind what is important there. Be honest - emphasize what you are really strong at.
2021-06-01   Anne
My tip, analyze the requirements posted in the ad and answer yourself honestly if you meet them and if not, if you are able to make them up quickly and how. The employer will certainly ask you about issues related to your expectations.