Professions of the future 2020/2030

The events of 2020 were both unexpected and life-changing. Right now, things which were certain back in 2018 or 2019 aren't as obvious right now. Young people face a choice, that might influence their whole future. Which jobs will be needed in the next 10 years?

1. Medical industry and patient care

Not a single country in the world was able to get through 2020 without noticing, how weak the healthcare is. We lack educated specialists on almost every possible position. There are not enough nurses, doctors, medical lifeguards or lab technicians. What is more, the situation will not get any better in the next couple of years if we don't act. If anything, the crisis will deepen: the oldest professionals will retire and there will be no one to work in their places.

That being said, if you find yourself a compasionate person with ability to keep your sober mind and want to help people - consider starting a medical career. We can assure you, that in the upcoming decade, there will be many job offers in this field.


2. Programming

As we're predicting the next ten years in labor market - it's hard to miss the whole digitization process that many areas of life have gone through in 2020. Many stores started offering payments without contacting the cashier, self-service checkouts have become the basis in many places, social distance forced us to make online purchases, which in turn influenced the development of many applications.

All of the above have one thing in common: the need of people, who will make it work. Shopping and paying in an app means that there is space for someone to invent and upgrade it. The self-service checkouts have to be designed in a way, that will help people to understand and go through the buying process. If you think you have analytical skills and know your maths - start a career in programming.


3. Business analysis - data science specialists

Under this mysterious name hides a job of the upcoming years. The data science specialists hold skill of a programmer and data analyzer. If you're interested in this position, your main responsibility will be to collect data, analyze it and come up with conclusions. And, trust us, the data will never end. Assuming that each of us produces 1.5 mb of data per month (and we do that and even more), the posibilities are nearly endless.

business analyst

4. Renewable energy engineers

The renewable energy sources are getting more and more popular as the time flies by. Try to think about it: two or three years ago, perhaps you knew a guy, who knew a guy, whose neighbour's aunt had photovoltaics. Right now, the growing awareness of the influence we all have on our planet makes those choice popular.

That's why renewable energy engineers will be needed more than ever. The solutions get older and they need to be updated. And, who knows what else can be invented?


5. Workers (manual and white collars) in many fields

As we mentioned earlier, many things had changed in 2020. Regardless of whether they were good or bad, one thing is certain: they brought a technological breakthrough (forced by the situation) in many areas. New machines and growing rapidly (sprinting, really) e-commerce and transport force employers to hire more and more people.

In the upcoming years, there will be a need for mechanics, electricians, electromechanics, couriers, warehouse workers, e-commerce workers. We can assure you - if you're interested in any of those fields, you will find a job.


6. Courier, driver, logistician

Ensuring efficient logistics of products and components in the direction of, among others, the manufacturer - manufacturer.

In addition, we are buying more and more Online every year. All these products need to be delivered to a specific address. In the market of forwarding services, there are several courier companies that are dynamically operating, where there is a shortage of hands to work (the problem applies especially in large cities).

Starting the profession of a courier does not require the candidate to have extensive experience, it is enough to have an active driving license, good physical condition and to know the procedures. In the profession of courier, more and more often you can meet women.

food courier

7. New professions

We feel a moral need to tell you that we don't know what the future holds. However, we feel that the multitude of changes that 2020 brought to us will result in the creation of many new professions. It's hard to say, what exactly will it be, but definitely there will be some new jobs connected to technology and e-commerce. If you're interested, keep track on the newest job offers in your nerighborhood. Maybe you will like it?

The jobs mentioned above will be the most needed in the upcoming years. Obviously, it doesn't mean, that other fields will lack job offers - but those six areas are definitely worth a short, if you don't know, what you'd like to do for a living. Good luck finding your dream job!

profession of the future

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2021-06-10   Matt
My teacher told me that you should develop yourself in such a professional direction, for which there will always be a demand. Because some professions will soon be replaced by machines.